This week sees you feeling restricted by a situation involving a child or young person and another significant other who has a tendency for over thinking. This is not the time for being stubborn as they can be just as stubborn and a balanced approach will get you further. You can have the home and family life you have been seeking despite any lingering irritations and life is about to start moving along quite quickly. Information will be uncovered that you may not have been aware of before and this will help you to pull things together, however a water sign or more emotional individual will cause you some distress in the meantime and you will need to work hard to remain calm.


Decisions will need to be made this week in regard to your career or finances and you may find yourself feeling that something is missing as you are pushed to make choices and decisions that you have struggled to make in the past. You can have the life you have wanted however and a contract or promise is going to help you to find balance both physically and financially. An earth sign or more business savvy man in your life will help you to bring an end to your money struggles and the changes that come in will help lead you into your long term future. Underlying issues with a more emotional friend or family member will come to the surface for discussion and this will see you finding out some things that you may not have been aware of in the past. You may have been feeling that you don’t have much left emotionally and a fire sign or more difficult individual hasn’t helped with this but life is set to start moving quite quickly now and this will lead you to victory over your struggles.


A close relationship will come under scrutiny this week as choices are made in regards to your career or finances. You have been feeling alone and quite isolated but this feeling will pass and a new beginning will open up creatively or intimately. You have been feeling controlled but you will find a way to work through your issues and a fire sign or more empowered individual will help you with that. You will begin feeling stronger emotionally as the feeling that something is missing starts changing, leading you to a new relationship, or a new beginning to an old one. Most of what you have worried about is not going to happen but you will need to put on a brave face until you can see this. The time is coming in which you will start making plans to take you into your long term future and this will lead you to victory over all of your current circumstances.


This week sees you having victory over something, as open and honest lines of communication help you to pull your life together so that you can stop overthinking. An ending is coming to some difficult times and a new beginning will open for you emotionally, enabling you to work out what you most want, particularly where a close relationship is concerned. There have been some restrictions around this but a wish will be realised and you will begin to see things from a more balanced perspective as a result, despite feeling unsure to begin with. A creative or intimate new beginning is coming and this will see life coming together as you have wanted it to, particularly where a child or young person is involved. Life is going to get better despite some controls and an offer will soon be made that will bring balance to you both physically and financially.


You may know what you want this week but may not feel able to make it happen and this will see you feeling very much restricted. Choices will need to be made in regards to love and to business and making these will lead to a new beginning both physically and financially. Stability is coming to you so stay away from those who would act impulsively as being near them may see you get into the habit of chasing them up. A deep thinking or air signed woman will help you to get your closest relationship back on track, and this will see you make long term plans for your future despite any fears you may have struggled with in the past. Peace is coming, though it may feel forced at first, however in the meantime, the battles around you will have you feeling quite isolated until a new start opens up for you emotionally.


Changes in your life lately have seen you feeling irritated and you need to get your mind under control and stop over thinking if you are going to find balance in the long term. A wish is going to be realised in the form of a new relationship, or a new beginning to an old one and happiness will follow as an offer is made but you might want to read the fine print. You have been feeling controlled and maybe even a little bit fearful about the behaviour of a younger or less emotionally mature individual around you and you need to find a way to pull things together for the long term but there is a sense of being stuck around this and not knowing how to go about it. The time has come for you to take control over the direction your life is now heading in as secrets will soon be uncovered that will take some working through. Battles around you will potentially lead to impulsive behaviour and you will feel very much alone as you deal with this but rest assured that you will have victory over your struggles.


This week may see you feeling uncertain in the face of a new beginning of some kind and there will be a sense that something is missing at first but you will find balance. Your fears will be overcome by talking things out with someone close who will be able to offer solutions of some kind but you will feel stuck until then. A message will be received that will see you feeling emotionally fragile at first but this will see life coming together as it should have all along. Long term plans and decisions will be made for your future after this and this will include choices in love and in business. Things will be left behind that are no longer serving you and this will lead to a new opportunity, whether business or otherwise related.


This week sees you feeling restricted, particularly where money is concerned but peace is coming to you and any sense of disconnection or separation will prove temporary. A close relationship will see an offer being made that will bring an end to the way life has been as an earth sign or more grounded individual makes you feel safe, where you have felt vulnerable in the past. Happier times are coming but you will need to listen to your intuition in order to get past the things that upset you and in the meantime you will need to put on a brave face. An offer is coming that will help you to leave behind all in your life that is no longer serving you, though some irritations may linger. You will feel alone, quite isolated and more than a little stuck but an opportunity will open up to you in the long term in spite of this.


This week sees you working through some things so that you can bring an end to those things that are no longer serving you. You have been putting on a brave face but the time for that is coming to an end and you will soon start making plans and decisions that will take you into your long term future. A water sign, or more nurturing individual will help you to have victory over your struggles by sending a message of unconditional love that will open the lines of communication up between you. An opportunity, whether work or otherwise related will see you heading off on a journey of some kind and you may feel restricted at first and uncertain of what to do next. Emotionally you may feel you don’t have too much left but any sense of disconnection or separation will prove temporary as you make choices in both love and business. Knowing what you want will prove helpful in bringing a close relationship even closer.


An end is coming to something this week and you will look to a nurturing family member for support when this happens as you will feel quite controlled by it. A close relationship will be affected by ongoing irritations as a message is received that brings up some underlying issues for discussion. Changes are coming in that will have you seeing things from a different perspective and you will have victory over your worries as a result of this. An objective approach to your troubles will help you to see that all you have been through has been leading you to exactly where you’re supposed to be in your life, energetically speaking. Secrets will be uncovered but there will not be a lot you can do about what you find out right away and this may see you feeling as though you’re in limbo. A wish will be realised despite your worries that this might not happen and you will finally get the life you’ve been seeking.


This week sees you feeling a little all over the place emotionally as you try to give support to the younger members of your inner circle but you will find a way to bring things together as you would like them to be. A logical, less emotional approach will work best when communicating about something that you feel controls you on levels and things are going to get better if you can keep your cool. You may feel resentful on levels when you receive a message from someone who has acted impulsively and based solely on emotions but instead of getting upset, see this as an opportunity to bring some things out in the open so that you can work through them and finally get a clear picture of what everybody wants. A fire sign or more fiery natured individual in your circle may have been feeling alone and quite isolated just lately but balance is coming to them both physically and financially and this will allow them to work through any feelings of disillusion they have been struggling with. Choices will be made in regard to career and finances that they may not have wanted to make in the past but doing so will lead you both to happiness.


Home and family life are in focus for you this week as the journey everyone seems to be heading on brings up some stressful feelings and your head goes into overdrive. Nothing seems clear at the moment and this may lead to some impulsivity in an attempt to put yourself into a stronger position against the things that irritate you. Knowing what you want will help you to make the changes that are necessary so that you can find peace and a wish will be realised as someone who has appeared not to care comes back towards you ready to talk. Choices and decisions made in love or in business this week will lead to better times over all.


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