IMG_1291When clutter accumulates in your living space it really does affect your state of mind because it reminds you of all those things you always mean to do but never seem to get around to.  Clutter makes you feel stuck.  It makes it difficult to relax and feel motivated at home.  It can even stop you from inviting people over.  Clutter adds up in your mind until it is just overwhelming and then nothing gets done.


  •  Throw out excess paper – books/magazines/filing.
  • When you bring something new in, throw something old out.
  • Start one room, or one area at a time.
  • If you take it off, hang it up or put it away.
  • if you open it, close it.
  • If you use it, clean it and put it away.
  • Review your list of Drains monthly.
  • Aim to make each answer (from my last post) a ‘yes’.
  • Diarise time for maintenance of your personal space, finances, relationships, personal wellbeing.
  • Create a system to make achievement of these things easier.

If you feel you need more help with this, drop me a line and join my “A Year To Cleanse Your Life”.  $25.00 for a year of daily guidance…because it never hurts to have a little bit of support on your journey. 😊



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