Simplicity is one of the most valuable, yet underrated qualities you can strive to embrace in life.  Simplicity will give you clarity, freedom from unnecessary effort and drama and the ability to become fully present in your life.  When you can do this, you can effectively create enough clarity in your mind to bring about a sense of confidence and motivation that you can carry with you every day of your life.

So Ive talked about values and purpose and the importance of working out what those are to you and who you are when you’re at your best.  Ive spoken of identifying the lessons you’ve already learned so that you can create a foundation for the life you want to have.

Now I want to talk about creating a structure that will support your ongoing success.  This means getting back to basics:  clearing clutter, deleting the drainers and setting boundaries that will stop the obstacles that we all encounter from time to time from bringing your dreams crashing to the ground.

* When you simplify your life, your energy stops being wasted.

* Ambiguity and doubt are then eliminated by the resulting clarity that simplifying life will bring.

* Once this is done you will have the space and opportunity to set and achieve the goals that matter most to you.

What drains you? Is your life filled with clutter? There has never been a more important time for us to be decompressing, decluttering and recalibrating our minds and bodies to ensure our wellbeing.  High achievers often feel overwhelmed and overextended because they tend to over commit themselves.  Working parents often feel the “burn” as they struggle to juggle work and home but drainers aren’t always things we think about consciously.  Our subconscious goes into overdrive just as often as our conscious does and so every now and then we need to think about decluttering…not just our homes but our lives generally, so that we can streamline our existence before we start constructing new opportunities that support us to become our best selves.

People are often surprised when they realise how much satisfaction they can derive from doing small, seemingly inconsequential tasks that create order.  These are the kinds of tasks that generally aren’t high on the priority list and yet when you don’t do them they take up big chunks of mental space and chip away at your focus on the bigger things.  Things that create a drain in your life stack up like tiny sandbags at the back of your neck and across your forehead.  On their own, they can be inconsequential but in numbers, they combine until their energetic weight creates stress, lethargy and chaos.

By making small adjustments to your routine, space can be created within your life that will enable you to create and manage everything you have wanted to achieve.  These adjustments can include anything from setting up automatic appointment reminders in your phone, to setting out your clothes for the following day the night before.

Clearing the things that drain you can massively impact your energy and confidence in a positive way as you experience the sense of accomplishment that comes with getting things done and the most important areas to clear are those that affect your personal environment, finances, relationships and wellbeing.


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