Do you have a clear picture of what’s true, good and possible when it comes to who you are?  Many of us have a tendency to dwell on our failures, lingering far too long on memories of our worst moments, whilst the great things we do and are fade all too fast and we gloss over our achievements.

So take a moment now to think back on the last few times you really felt engaged, energised and happy:

What Was Happening?


What Were You Doing At The Time?


Who Were You With?


How Did It Feel To Be This Person?


Why Are You Proud Of This Memory Moment?


These moments might be big or small, long or short.  They might be at work or at home, or out socially.  Every moment you spend at your best however, is worth remembering as remembering and understanding your own best moments helps you to find more ways to spend more time being your best you as your confidence grows and fuels your optimism and levels of motivation.



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