Just start. 

This is the best piece of advice I think anyone can ever give someone else. Because no matter what you want to do, no matter how far away your ideal life seems, the only way you will ever get to where you want to go is to start.

As teenagers we are pushed to plan our lives…we finish high school, try to get into Uni or TAFE, get the job we think will lead to our long dreamed of career. As we leave high school, for many of us, it’s the first time we step out on our own…make our own decisions, test out our boundaries and experience our first taste of freedom. But then what??

As we get older, most of us reach a point where we find ourselves asking

What the frick am I doing with my life?!?

We’ve all felt that at some point. Some of us still do feel that at times (myself included). But at some point we have to start moving…forward…backwards…in a direction…ANY direction…because staying still gets us nowhere and clarity comes with movement.

There doesn’t have to be a major plan. We don’t need to know how we’re going to get to where we’re going…we just need to start taking steps in that general direction. The universe will do the rest.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

You don’t have to have it all figured out. You just have to start…take that first step. Your journey will twist and turn and change as you go along and that’s ok. Change can be good so don’t be rigid about how things need to be and don’t be afraid to step out of your own way if you realise that’s what is required. Have faith that so long as you’re moving, you will end up exactly where you’re supposed to be. You don’t have to control it.

So no matter where you think you want to be heading in your life, ask yourself “What’s the next best step?” And then take it. Then take another and another and another until eventually you don’t have to think about the steps…you just keep moving towards the life you’re truly meant to be living.


Whether it’s losing 20 kilos, starting a new business, or running a triathlon. You’ll never get there unless you start…so start…



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